Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Trail of Bread Crumbs

I am waiting for answers to many questions about this new journey in my life. As I walk by faith and not by sight… God is leaving bread crumbs along the path to guide me. I know that God is not giving me the entire loaf of bread all at once because the weight of that would bear me down. The weight of that would halt my progression towards God’s purpose for my life’s journey. If I saw the whole loaf now I would not feel prepared for the weight of it… by the size of it. God is preparing me and growing me as we go down this path… as I am finding the bread crumbs to lead the way.

I do get hungry for answers… so hungry for another bread crumb along the path. In those times of hunger, God’s promises fill me with hope and remind me to trust and have faith.

For two years the bread crumbs have lead me to pray and trust and grow in my faith. Then the bread crumbs lead me to not renew my teaching contract. After that, the trail of bread crumbs guided me to become a Christ-Centered Yoga Teacher. Now that I am in training, the bread crumb path has gone cold… for now. It is not that I think God has abandoned me, He has just gone before me to chart my path and prepare the way. I understand the journey will unfold at the right time… His perfect timing. Until then, I wait to find my next bread crumb along the path of my new journey in life. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Picture Perfect and Pinterest Worthy Body… NOT

As I was looking through Pinterest the other day, I found myself desiring to look like the women doing the yoga poses. You know the 20-somethings who have no fat, who are tan, and who have obviously never had a child.  When I caught myself with that desire on my heart, it was brought to my attention that I have desired that since I decided to become a yoga instructor; as if it was a requirement to look like “them” in order to be successful yoga instructor.

I’d look at my unclothed body in the mirror and wonder why God was asking me to be a yoga instructor when I don’t look like those women. Maybe he had the wrong person for the job! I was allowing my outward appearance to define my ability to be a Soul Shepherd for God. Silly me!

I decide to take a deeper look into who those women are in the yoga poses on Pinterest (and anywhere else on the internet). Well, those women are yoga models. Who knew? In a method that is so focused on self acceptance and peace that they would put out the same sad message that the rest of the world is lying to us about… that skinny, young, and tan are the only options for beauty… and the only options for a successful yogi.

You see… without even realizing it, I was believing the same lies that I have heard my entire life about beauty. I was fortunate enough to catch myself and to remember the truth that I am beautiful and enough just the way I am. I needed to find the facts that those women are models before I could remember my truths.

God doesn’t call the equipped to do a job… He equips the called. I was not chosen to become a yoga instructor because my body is picture perfect and Pinterest worthy. Nope! I was chosen because my heart is on FIRE and God needs me to share that flame with the world… through Christ-Centered Yahweh Yoga!
Maybe you feel the same way about trying a yoga class for the first time. Maybe you see those same Pinterest pictures and think that those women are the only ones who take yoga classes. Well, let me clear that up once and for all… those yoga models are not in yoga classes… yoga classes are full of real people just like you and me. Christ-Centered Yahweh Yoga classes are full of imperfect people who are just looking to make space in their lives to clear their minds, relax their bodies, and be intentional about their relationships with God.  And those reasons, my friends, are why God chose imperfect and flawed lil’ ol’ me to teach yoga… I am so glad I remembered that!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Parallel Universes

Right now I am living in two parallel and opposite Universes. I strive to remain present in whichever Universe I am in, but I certainly do have a preferred Universe.

Universe #1 is my job as an elementary school Art Teacher where I am required to give and give some more all day long. I give to the demands and needs of almost 600 students weekly, as well as Administration. By the end of the day I am drained and have nothing left to give… not to my family or to myself. I am empty.

Universe #2 is my training to become a Yoga Instructor where I am required to learn about theories and concepts. These resonate within me as truths and I recognize myself within them. The practice of Yoga is a healthy relationship of give and take for my mind, body, and soulful relationship with God. They fill me full of life and allow me to pour into others from that never ending cup of peace, joy and love. I am full.

Just a couple more weeks of the school year left and I will get to live in Universe #2 forever! I feel so blessed that God has given me the direction and guidance to take a journey into a new Universe where I can share His Light, Love, and Life that resides within me.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Blessings in Disguise Mother’s Day Gifts

I was thinking about what kind of day I wanted for Mother’s Day. I already said that I don’t want any gifts… and I truly meant it. My boys treat everyday like Mother’s Day with love, hugs, and kisses. Their quality time is worth more to me than any diamonds or pearls!

When I was daydreaming about what kind of day I wanted, my mind went to a day without laundry, without dishes, and a day without resistance to my requests. Then, it hit me… to have a day without those things would mean I was not a Mother. Not that those things define being a Mother. But that those things come with the territory of being a Mother. Those things are the blessings in disguise.

To not have loads of laundry to do would mean that my boys and I didn’t share a home. To not have dishes to clean would mean that we didn’t share healthy, nourishing, and home cooked meals together. To not have resistance to my requests would mean that my one-and-only son was not trying to flap his wings and learn to fly on his own. I wouldn’t trade any of those things for anything in the world! I am beyond blessed to be a Mother… I thank God for that daily.

I decided that the kind of day I wanted for Mother’s Day is one full of blessings in disguise! Please and thank you!