Monday, January 5, 2015

Pulling The Plug

I grew up believing that the Bible and the life of Jesus were just stories… like that of Jack and the Beanstalk… fairy tales. I had knowledge that others believed them as truth. I just didn’t believe that myself. I wasn’t raised with those truths; therefore, in my mind they were just stories.

When believers of those truths would attempt to convince me of the truthfulness within, I would become defensive. Remaining convinced that their truths were a crutch… they were duped into living their lives based on a storybook. I would convict those believers of such truths as weak fools.

For the first 30 years of my life I lived with this mentality about God’s truth and the Bible. Although I had a relationship with God, I could not define What or Who that was. I just knew I had a connection with something much bigger than I.

I began to ask God questions. Did the Bible have truth? Was there something to these “stories”? Was Jesus just a fictional character? As I asked more and more questions, my mind began to accept what my heart knew all along… the truth about these truths.

Questioning my old thought patterns and challenging what I thought was truth, was just what I needed to pull the plug on my guarded heart. That dirty water was too thick to see through to God’s light.  

Once the plug was pulled concerning my old beliefs about Christianity, it was just like that of a bathtub plug being pulled. All of my old and dirty thoughts funneled down the drain. I didn’t want to contain them in the porcelain basin of my heart. I wanted to drain the old and ignorant lies out of my heart. I began to challenge all of my old patterns of thinking. If I could be so very wrong about Christianity, what other things could I be wrong about too? How could I replace my old thoughts and beliefs with those that mirror Jesus’ thoughts and beliefs?

A few years after the truth about God ricocheted between my heart and my mind, I accepted Christ Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I went from convictor to convicted. This began my journey of healing and becoming a new creation. There are too many blessings to properly count that arose from my acceptance of Jesus… eternal life in heaven being at that top of that too long list. One thing is for certain, the blessings are undeserved.  

Pulling the plug on my guarded heart allowed God the space to fill it back up with His Love and the Truth that at one time was just a story to me. The porcelain basin of my heart is now full of clear, clean, and pure water that only comes from a relationship with God.   

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The path is straight and narrow… it is I that is swerving uncontrollably.

When we purchased our current home about 5 years ago, we were delighted to find a bike path with an entrance just a few blocks from our driveway. My family and I love to go for bike rides on this path. At first I would get very nervous entering this bike path because it required squeezing through metal poles protruding from the ground. I suppose these poles are to deter people from driving their motor vehicles on the path… or to ruin my life… not sure which. But I couldn’t simply ride my bike between these poles like the rest of the world. In my mind… I couldn’t fit. I had to disembark my bike and walk it through the poles. The times I did attempt to ride my bike between the poles I would all of a sudden become wobbly like someone just took off my training wheels.
One day, when I was feeling brave enough to ride through the poles, I realized the problem was that I was focusing on the actual poles. All of my energy was focused on the obstacles on my right and my left. All of my energy was focused on NOT hitting those metal poles protruding from the ground. This is why my riding was getting wobbly… I was focusing on the obstacles around me. My equilibrium was off. My focal point was not calibrated correctly.

So, the next time I rode my bike between the poles, I decided to do an experiment by focusing on the path in the center of the poles instead of the poles themselves. I rode through without wobbling! I was like an arrow shooting between the poles with confidence… except, on a bike… you get the point, right?

For the rest of my bike ride that day, I thought about all the other times in my life when I focused on the obstacles on my right and my left instead of focusing on the path front and center. I thought about how often my equilibrium was off because of this misdirected energy.  And how it made my direction in life wobbly. All I had to do to smooth out the ride was calibrate my focus on the direction of my path instead of the obstacles in life.

 The path is straight and narrow… it is I that is swerving uncontrollably.

When I focus on God… my ride is smooth. Once I take my focus off of God and place it on the obstacles to my right and my left… my ride is wobbly.

I am going for a smooth ride! Please join me!