Friday, March 27, 2015

Patience in my Waiting Place

"Patience is not simply the ability to wait - it's how we behave while we're waiting." ~Joyce Myer

This quote sums up my journey in life. I have always felt anxious within the confines of my waiting place. I would not settle in that place because I knew change was on the way. So, I waited on the edge of my seat with my running shoes on... ready to sprint into the next chapter or season of life... whenever it finally arrived. It might be a week or it might be a year, but I was going to wait impatiently. I missed a lot of moments  sitting on the edge of my seat and lacing up my running shoes.

That's the thing about life, we are always waiting and life is always changing. After 40 years in this world, I am finally getting it... I have to settle into the waiting place because God is forever making me wait. God makes me wait because He wants me to trust Him instead of trying to control the details of my life. I have to be ALL IN no matter how long or short of a duration I wait because this waiting place IS my life.

I am learning how to behave in my waiting place. Instead of being anxious and filled with fear of the unknown, I am now filled with joy and I trust God in my waiting place. I don't know what tomorrow will bring even when I am not in my waiting place; therefore, no matter what place I happen to reside, I am ALL IN! Patiently waiting... reclined in my seat with bare feet.