Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Free To Become

It was no longer an option to just go through the motions… it was not enough to just survive. I felt trapped. I felt like I had been waiting for someone else to come along with the key to my cage. I needed to be free… fully. I needed more out of this one wild and beautiful life… more abundance, more intention, more authenticity, more love, more un-becoming, more open skies.

The desire to be free eventually and slowly and patiently grew wings. I had to gracefully let go of those things that no longer served me. I had to start flapping my fresh crumpled wings. I had to fly, without permission… without apology… without reservation… without fear. I had to fly, regardless of the consequences… regardless of the outcome… regardless of the judgment… regardless of the journey.   

I didn’t know who I would become or what I would find along the flight, whatever it was it had to be better than the life I was living. So, I broke away… I set myself free… I held the key to my own cage, all along… I was my own hero. I now fly the skies of open possibility.

I have un-become, layer by layer, so that I could become the greatest, truest, loveliest version of myself. I have created a life I love.

The cage could no longer contain my sprouted wings… free to become.

Original Artwork By: Melissa Larance